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In addition to the artistic fundamentals mentioned, we take our design cue from the architectural style of a building. A romantic garden style works well with a cottage-style home, but not as well with a modern structure. Likewise, modern gardens, which are designed with simplicity (a limited plant palette) and repetition in mind, might not blend with a traditional home. We design gardens to complement the underlying architecture of a home, commercial building, or other structure. When appropriate, we will also give a “nod” to a contrasting style through the selection of plant shapes, paving patterns, planters, or sculptures. Inspiration for the marriage of architecture and garden comes from varied sources—the location of the setting sun, the curve of a driveway, the meandering shape of a stream, the feel of the neighborhood, the materials of an existing patio, and the personality of the client. Inspiration becomes a concept which becomes a master plan.